CRS Denim Garments Egypt is one of the leading Textile and Garments organizations which commenced operations on 10.1.2010 in the coastal town of Port Said, Egypt with a philosophy of continuous improvement and innovation.

CRS Denim has carried to Egypt 71 years experience in Textile and Garments. CRS Denim commenced its operations for the production for the Jean pants in Egypt and still continues its activities with respect to both technology and investment.

Company Profile

Since 2010, we have been combining the design and production experience that we have carried out since 1939 and continued by upgrading with the service we offer to our customers in our fully integrated facility in our Egypt location. We offer the best products and services to all our stakeholders by enriching our high production technology with sustainable & innovative technologies and methods. Our point of view is in our continuously growing service structure is to apply the system that will provide the best products and services through innovative approaches by making use of the clean production and management techniques that are appropriate for the technological developments. To fulfill our social and environmental responsibilities to our employees and stakeholders while realizing these they are our most important responsibility.

Our most important objective is to ensure that the increasing customer satisfaction becomes irreversible for all of our activities.

2200 personnel are actively employed in our factory, constructed on a closed area of 23.000 m2 in Port Said.Our factory started its production operations on October 1, 2010 and our annual production capacity is 6 million pants. Our factory is a fully integrated facility and manages the spreading, cutting, sewing, dry process, washing, finishing, ironing and packaging operations within its own structure.The standards of Production and Quality takes place in all stages of production. In the factory, computers for classification, marking, extension and cutting systems are available. In the sewing department, modern machineries cover all the required automation. The entire laundry plant was installed with computerized washing and drying machineries. The factory equipped well to cover all the new laundry techniques and to add more values to its products.

Our Mission

To add value to our customers, employees, stakeholders and the world with innovative, constantly developing and sustainable approaches

Our Vision

To ensure sustainable development in every industry we operate in and to be among the leading companies

Our Values

Sustainable Development

We believe in sustainable development and sharing its results.

Technology And Human Cooperation

Human and technology collaboration is critical in our development.


The satisfaction of our customers is our most important focus.

Continuous Improvement

We work together with the whole team for the continuous improvement of our processes.


The peace, safety and development of all the people are important for us that we touch with our employees and the values we create.

Design Management

We contribute to sustainable development with design management processes and trend designs.

Integrated Management Systems

We believe that the most critical way to create a sustainable business is through management systems.


Our most important motivation is to find and implement the new in all the industries we are in.

Our Company was founded in Egypt, Port Said

Increasing the capacity to 2,5 million/year

Moving to a new building and increasing capacity to 4,5 million/year

Number of Employees: 2200
Capacity: 6 million product/year
Closed Area: 23.000 square meter


We invest in technology to lower the use of resources and we give you the tools to show your Customer how it’s done. We only have one planet and the key to saving it is being transparent in every step we take.

In collaboration with you, we make sustainability a reality.

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CRS Denim Garments Egypt

Port Said Public investment free zone, part #18 & 19 .Compound .G , Port Said - Egypt
Telephone: +20 66 3726184 / 88 / 92
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